Chameleon Arts Ensemble of Boston Chameleon Arts Ensemble of Boston 06-07 Season
Transforming experiences in chamber music
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Excerpted from the Boston Musical Intelligencer

"rediscovery, curiosity and supersonic performing"

"The crowd rose to their feet within seconds…. Smiles from on stage and in the audience testified to an exquisite afternoon."

“I can hardly pay a higher compliment than to say that if I closed my eyes at any random moment, it seemed as if one person were playing, such was their unanimity of ensemble, phrasing, articulation, even rubato.”

“Seated around 20 small tables with the instrumentalists in the middle, 80 attendees were treated to a most memorable performance.”

"for sheer musical beauty, this elegant and expressive performance would be hard to surpass"

“passages of tender emotion were meltingly beautiful.”

"expressive and musical perfection"

"The instrumentalists handled this profound work with grace and aplomb"

"powerful, rock-solid playing"

"One of the joys of hearing the Chameleon Arts Ensemble comes from Deborah Boldin’s whimsical thematic programming, mixing old and new, letting pieces echo and shed light on each other."

"Its fluid continuum of gorgeously evocative sound cast its spell through the artful interplay of flutist Deborah Boldin, clarinetist Kelli O’Connor, harpist Anna Renersman, percussionist William Manley, and pianist Vivian Chang-Freheit."

"The Chameleons wound up their program with a smashing performance of the Piano Quartet in G minor, Op. 45 by Gabriel Fauré. It was, in my view, one of the best performances of anything I have heard around Boston during the entire concert season."

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