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Excerpted from the Boston Globe

“The performance…was sensational, a fact the audience clearly appreciated"

"unflinching and luminous"

"a seriously awesome rendering — made manifest the music’s sources, flowing both forward and back: contrapuntal precision, Romantic saturation, iconoclastic audacity, all fervently, gorgeously spun together."

"fiercely lavish"

"Planning a good chamber music program is an art unto itself, and few in town have mastered it so persuasively"

"triumphs of teamwork"

"During intermission, concertgoers could be overheard marveling at the program's breadth and wondering why other groups aren't as adventurous. Chameleon makes daring seem easy."

"Chameleon Arts Ensemble assembled the kind of adventurous program with which it's built its reputation: smart and eclectic, stretching from the 19th century to a world premiere. All five works were loosely linked by the theme of ecstasy, but this seemed less important than the permutation of styles, as well as tight and committed performances."

"Boldin is continually looking for big but little-known works - new, recent, and old - and putting them together in intriguing, organic combinations. The cross-references are not just intellectual; you can feel them in your body."

“One left, simply, with one’s hearing enlarged. Not a small gift for a Sunday afternoon.”

"one of the most reliably creative chamber groups around"

"a perfect 10"

"[They] ranged from intimate to epic, with a generous dynamic range and a superbly paced sense of drama."

"a casually confident performance, a diverting procession of varied hues and textures."

"discerning ears and cosmopolitan tastes"

"planning a good chamber music program is an art unto itself, and few in town have mastered it as persuasively as the Chameleon Arts Ensemble."

" Their concert Saturday night, we will attest, was typical of them. That's to say that a certain charged, eager, "something in the air" quality permeated everything they did..."

"the performance was a thing of beauty throughout"

"The muses were evidently smiling...The music wore a human face, did not over-insist, and gripped the attention..."

"Mary Ann McCormick, formerly of Boston, now of the Met, brought back with her a mezzo sound of firmness, size, and outright sheer quality for Ravel's "Chansons madecasses" (1926), the French text projected every bit as sumptuously as the notes themselves, with hedonistic, sensous consequences that bordered on the dangerous."

"If this was luxury class, so in its way was the Shostakovich Violin Sonata Op. 134 (1968). Kurkowicz and Chien gave us its elaborate, beautifully worked cosmic gloom intact, uncompromised, and altogether convincing."

"Music by the Night-Wind Sent, another evening of smart, zealous music-making by the young ambitious Chameleon Arts Ensemble, took its auditors on an amazing journey…."

"first-class new ensemble" – Best Classical Music 1998, The Boston Globe

"Chameleon is not just another chamber group"

"Believe it or not, there's been this muttering lately about there being too much chamber music in this city. And now what should appear on the scene but another new outfit — its members eager and young, to be sure, but with nothing whatever to blush about as to technique, musical smarts, or knowing what goes with what on a program. In this concert the Chameleon Arts Ensemble of Boston didn't make a single wrong move."

"…At times it was the damnedest thing you ever heard. Some notes came up at you from the floor; and here you were seated 80 feet away from the performers. It all made for civilized, if rather off-the-wall discourse, especially in this crackerjack account…."

"Chameleon’s all-female and all-in-tune all-the-time wind quintet turned Beach’s piece into a sonorous confection."

"Sergei Prokofiev’s tough, ironic Quintet, Op. 39 cleansed the palate, as the players showed the swarming timbral possiblities a composer can mine from just five instruments."

"John Harbison’s lovely "Twilight Music" has an end-of–the-affair ruefulness to its horn and violin conversations, marvelously played"

"Evenings," five songs from the poems of Anna Akhmatova by the gifted 20-year old composer Christopher Trapani, received a strong Boston premiere….the truth and naturalness of her [Sabrina Learman] voice made a powerful effect, as did the eerie music-of-the-spheres strings harmonics that closed the cycle."

"For Shostakovich’s trio, [they] summoned the courage and calm needed to abandon themselves…. lamenting harmonics seemed wrung not from steel strings but a single stretched nerve fiber that sang the sadness of the world….these matchless young artists found a human voice and wisdom far beyond their years."

"The young, hot, and hungry young musicians of the chameleon Arts Ensemble, many of them only recently fledged from conservatory, are gearing up to take the town by storm."

"They opened with Joan Tower's lovely 1989 Island Prelude….Lush, serene wind chords create an opalescent soundscape over which the oboe, gorgeously played by Nancy Dimock, soars and swoops in increasingly active volutes and trills."

"[They] rounded off the evening with Clara Wieck Schumann's delicious piano trio, in a freewheeling performance; tearing headlong through the stormy passages and loitering shamelessly in the fragrant ones."

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